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Cecilia Howlin

Buenos Aires - Argentina
Cecilia Howlin has been working on this platform from the very beginning. On her first job at IBM Argentina, she learned S/38. And never left the platform, since she thinks it never appeared other operating system as good as this one.
She usually worked on technical issues, like installing and configuring operating systems, teaching on different topics, defining Application standards and organizing information on systems, defining Security standards and implementing them, controlling and auditing Security, analyzing and optimizing system performance.
She loves programming things, promoting automation functions, all related to the same technical issues. Her company works hard on Security Software and Consulting.
In the past years she decided to learn more on IBM i (future of the platform, Modernization) and began coming to the annual Common meeting in USA. She ventured in new subjects like consumption of web services, migration of traditional database files to SQL objects, inclusion or SQL in conventional programming, using of DB2 Web Query as an excelent analytical tool in IBM i, and more recently diving into the Watson world. Now she believes this is an opportunity to give back what she learned along her working life.

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