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17, No 27, No 37 Facts and Figures about Rational Developer for i (RDi) TBACharles Guarino A Free IDE Alternative for RPG TBALiam Allan Advanced Embedded SQL TBABirgitta Hauser Advanced Python Programming and IBM i TBAMike Pavlak Are You Covered: Brand New Tooling for Quality Assurance TBAEdmund Reinhardt Basics of Testing for Programmers TBAYvonne Enselman Building and Sharing RDi Templates to Improve Developer Productivity TBARay Everhart CL Enhancements V5R3 to i 7.3 and Beyond TBATed Holt Configuring RDi for RPG Development TBACharles Guarino Debugging with RDi from the On-Ramp to the Cruising Lane TBACharles Guarino Developer Productivity Case Study – Test Driven Architecture TBARay Everhart Embedded SQL - An Introduction TBABirgitta Hauser Getting Started with Consuming Web Services on an IWS Server TBAMichelle Lyons Hidden Gems of IBM i TBAAlison Butterill • Scott Forstie • Mark Irish IBM i Batch Processing Options in the 21st Century TBAMike Pavlak Intro to Git TBALiam Allan JavaScript 101: First Look from an RPG Perspective TBARobert Swanson Learn to Fly with RDi - Latest and Greatest TBAEdmund Reinhardt Lessons Learned with Regression Testing As Integral Part of Your DeVos Strategy TBAJeffrey Tickner Modern ILE DevOps TBALiam Allan Modernization on IBM i Heading to Normal TBATimothy Rowe OPEN LAB: Git Your Environments Secure TBAFloyd Del Muro OPEN LAB: Rational Developer for i TBAEdmund Reinhardt Preparing Your Application for Modernization - Cleaning Your Codebase TBARay Everhart RDi Advanced Tips and Techniques TBAEdmund Reinhardt RDi and Git - The Easy Way TBACharles Guarino REST Web Services for the RPG World TBATimothy Rowe Sublime Deslimer - Refactoring with Confidence Using RDi TBAEdmund Reinhardt Test Driven Development - Best Practices Applied to IBM i with Assistance of Tooling TBABarbara Morris • Edmund Reinhardt The Business, Science and Uses of ILE Service Programs TBACharles Guarino Understanding and Using Journaling Functions on IBM i TBACecilia Howlin What the Heck is Going on with Java? TBAJesse Gorzinski • Timothy Rowe What the Noobs Want to Know TBAAl Lusher What You Need to Know About AI and Cognitive Systems TBAPascal Polverini A whole New World - MQ Web Admin & REST API on IBM i TBAJonathan Rumsey ACS Deployment With or Without Menus TBARaymond Johnson An Administrators Guide to IBM i Access Client Solutions TBAWayne Bowers Connecting to Other Cloud Services TBAKris Whitney Conquer the IBM i World with OpenSSH! TBAJesse Gorzinski Getting to Know IBM i Access Client Solutions TBAWayne Bowers IBM i Access Client Solutions Deployment Guide TBAWayne Bowers IBM i Mobile Access from System Administrator's P.O.V. TBAWayne Bowers OPEN LAB: End-to-End Message Encryption - MQ Advanced Message Security (AMS) on IBM i TBAJonathan Rumsey OPEN LAB: Hands on with IBM i Access Client Solutions TBATarlochan Bimbra • Wayne Bowers OPEN LAB: Hands on with IBM i Mobile Access TBATarlochan Bimbra • Wayne Bowers OPEN LAB: Hands on with IBM Navigator for i TBATarlochan Bimbra • Wayne Bowers Overview of ACS TBATimothy Rowe Restricting IBM i Access Client Solutions TBAWayne Bowers The Latest on Putting IBM i to the Cloud TBAKris Whitney Watson and IBM i TBAAlison Butterill • Scott Forstie • Jesse Gorzinski • Doug Mack • Timothy Rowe You've Got a Friend in MQ 9.1 - Admin Made Simple TBAJonathan Rumsey Advanced SQL DDL - More Than Just Physical Files TBARob Bestgen Advanced SQL Set Processing TBARob Bestgen Clearing the Fog on SQL Joins TBARob Bestgen Consuming JSON Documents and Web Services with SQL (SQL and JSON - Part 2) TBABirgitta Hauser Creating a Master File Data Layer with SQL PL TBARex Smith Creating SQL Functions TBAGreg Cannella Data Security and Compliance Monitoring with Db2 for i TBARob Bestgen Database design for the Developer TBAAl Lusher Deep Dive into Db2 i Temporal Tables TBARob Bestgen Developer Productivity – Playbook for Modernizing Multi Member Files TBARay Everhart Dueling SQL TBAScott Forstie • Timothy Rowe Expand Your Options Using Query Management TBAVern Hamberg Exploring NoSQL Databases TBAErwin Earley Generating JSON Documents with SQL TBABirgitta Hauser Get Running with the IBM .NET Data Provider and Db2 for i TBARex Smith How to Globalize your IBM i Applications TBAPascal Polverini How to Write Db2 for IBM i SQL Stored Procedures TBARob Bestgen Improving Development Using DB2 for i Services TBARex Maughan Intermediate SQL: Unleash the POWER TBAAndrew Dekreon Introduction to Database Engineering (DBE) TBAScott Forstie Logical Files, Indexes and Views – Don't Get Confused TBABirgitta Hauser Modernization Case Study – Creating a Database Abstraction Layer TBARay Everhart MongoDB and What You Need to Know about NoSQL Databases TBAKim Greene OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Functions – Much More than Running Numbers! TBABirgitta Hauser Open Access Magic! Restructure Your Database Without Modifying Applications TBAPascal Polverini OPEN LAB: Expand Your Options Using Query Management TBAVern Hamberg Preparing Your Data for Watson TBARay Everhart Quick Start to Value with Db2 Web Query TBADoug Mack Real-Time Governance of Database Activity TBAScott Forstie Revving Up SQL Performance with (Database) Indexes TBARob Bestgen SQL Easy as MAGIC! TBASteven Wolk SQL PL for RPG Programmers TBATed Holt SQL Stored Procedures and Application Modernization TBAJohn Valance SQL Writing Tips and Techniques TBARob Bestgen Stop Building Data Extracts for BI/Analytics! TBADoug Mack Taking Db2 Web Query to the Next Level: Advanced Reporting Tips TBADoug Mack The Best of ACS! TBAScott Forstie • Timothy Rowe Thirty SQL Tips in Sixty Minutes TBATed Holt Transactional vs. Analytical SQL TBARob Bestgen Using Db2 and SQL with Open Source Languages TBAScott Forstie • Alan Seiden Using SQL to Overcome Challenges When Consuming XML (Case Study) TBAVern Hamberg What Else Can SQL Do? (Or the Dark Side of SQL) TBAAl Lusher What's New in Db2 for i Since GA of IBM i 7.3 TBAScott Forstie What's New in Db2 Web Query? LOTS! TBADoug Mack Accelerate Your Excel! TBASteven Wolk Be a Customer Service Superhero TBASteven Wolk How to Become a Speaker at COMMON TBAKim Greene How to Ensure the Success of Every Project You Work On TBAKim Greene • Richie Palma Magic of SELLING Technology! TBARandall Munson Modernization of Staff: The Other Modernization Effort TBAJeffrey Tickner Presenting Through Visual Innovation TBARichard Dolewski IBM i Storage Options TBAAllyn Walsh IBM Power Systems POWER9 Processor/Systems Update TBADaniel Sundt POWER9 and IBM i: Install, Upgrade and Backup Using USB TBARobert Schuster Backup IBM i Data to the Cloud TBADan Magid • Timothy Rowe Demo: Managing PowerHA Solutions TBABrian Nordland Ensure Your DR Plan Works in a Disaster TBARichard Dolewski Essentials of Backup/Recovery for Disaster Recovery on IBM i TBADebbie Saugen Geographic Mirroring: HA for internal storage TBABrian Nordland Getting the Most Out of BRMS Recoveries! TBADebbie Saugen HA for IBM i - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?? TBAMatt Staddler Introduction to FlashCopy and IASPs TBABrian Nordland Minimizing Downtime: HA & DR with External Storage TBABrian Nordland OPEN LAB: Independent ASPs TBABrian Nordland OPEN LAB: PowerHA Interactive Lab TBABrian Nordland The Power of Ready - Lessons Learned from Actual Disasters TBARichard Dolewski Tips and Techniques for Shrinking Backup/Recovery Windows on IBM i TBADebbie Saugen Turn up the Power: External Disk and Hardware Replication on i... A Case Study! TBASteven Wolk VM Recovery Manager for Power Systems TBASteven Finnes What's New in PowerHA TBABrian Nordland What's New with Backup Recovery on IBM i - Including Virtual Tape and Encryption TBADebbie Saugen IBM i NetServer: Easy Access to Data TBAMargaret Fenlon Integrated File System Security Principles and Practices TBAMargaret Fenlon Integrated File System: Advanced Topics TBAMargaret Fenlon Integrated File System: Real Life TBAMargaret Fenlon Introduction to the Integrated File System TBAMargaret Fenlon OPEN LAB: Integrated File System and File Servers TBAMargaret Fenlon Real-Time Access to Integrated File System Data Across the Network TBAMargaret Fenlon Strategies to Improve IFS Application Performance TBAMargaret Fenlon Hiring and Retaining Development Talent TBABrian May IBM i in Business Around the World TBAAlison Butterill • Steve Will Productivity, Time Management, and Organization for the IT Professional TBAYvonne Enselman The Ninja Guide to Building Teams and Creating Engagement TBASteven Wolk To Be a Leader You Must Believe You Are a Leader TBAAmy Hoerle CAAC Panel TBASteve Pitcher How You Can Influence IBM i Futures TBASteve Will IBM i in a Modern Compute Environment TBARichie Palma IBM i Latest & Greatest TBASteve Will IBM i Strategy & Features Overview TBASteve Will The IBM i Architecture - Overview & Evolution TBASteve Will Linux 101 TBAJustin Reock Linux Administration Part I TBAErwin Earley Linux Administration Part II TBAErwin Earley Setting up Linux on Power Systems TBAErwin Earley Understanding Secure Enterprise Linux TBAErwin Earley Mobile Comes to Domino TBAKim Greene Self-Healing Capabilities of Domino 10 TBAKim Greene The Big Hairy Audacious Future of IBM Domino TBAKim Greene • Timothy Rowe What's New in Domino 10 TBAKim Greene What's New in Notes and Sametime 10 TBAKim Greene IBM HTTP Server (Powered by Apache) Overview TBATimothy Rowe Let's Encrypt - Free SSL Certificates for the Masses TBAPete Helgren Machine Learning on IBM i: What Are Your Options? TBAAlison Butterill • Mark Irish OPEN LAB: HTTP Server on i TBATarlochan Bimbra • Timothy Rowe AECC's User Story of Modernization & Innovation TBABarbara Harris Choose Your Own Adventure: An Interactive IBM i Modernization Case Study TBAGreg Patterson Comparing Modernization Approaches : RPG OA, Node.js, PHP and More TBAGreg Patterson Mobile RPG with PhoneGap TBAScott Klement Mobile to GO – Overview of the Latest Mobile Technologies on IBM i TBATimothy Rowe Play Time with IBM i Mobile Access TBATimothy Rowe Revamping Your Web Pages for Mobile Without CSS3 Media Queries TBARex Smith FTP Techniques & Tools TBAAndrew Dekreon IBM i Network Monitoring, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting TBAWayne Bowers IBM i Networking and Servers Overview TBAWayne Bowers IBM i OS Networking Security TBAWayne Bowers • Thom Haze .NET on the IBM i: Mono as the Open-source Common Language Runtime TBAMark Irish Advanced Node.js TBAJesse Gorzinski • Justin Reock Business Uses for Python and IBM i TBAMike Pavlak Business Value of Open Source and IBM i TBAMike Pavlak Connecting to Db2 on IBM i with Node.js TBAMark Irish CRUD Using PHP TBAGreg Cannella Djust Django: The Powerful, Flexible Python Framework TBAStephanie Rabbanni Enterprise, Cloud-Ready Node.js TBAMichael Dawson Getting Started with Node.js TBAJustin Reock Git Going TBAJeffrey Tickner IBM i Meets IoT TBAMichael Dawson • Jesse Gorzinski Installing Zend Server, Zend Studio, Basic Apache Configuration TBAGreg Cannella Intro to React (JavaScript library) TBAJustin Reock Introduction to Python on IBM i TBAMike Pavlak I’ve Got It Downloaded, Now What Do i Do with It? TBAJack Woehr JavaScript 102: Introduction to Server-Side JavaScript (Node.js) TBARichard Milone • Robert Swanson Jenkins on IBM i TBAJoshua Hall Node.js: What's Next? TBAMichael Dawson OPEN LAB: Intro to IBM Cloud with Node.js TBATarlochan Bimbra • Michael Dawson • Jesse Gorzinski Overview of Open Source on IBM i TBAJesse Gorzinski PASE Yourself! TBAErwin Earley PHP7 – Benefits of Upgrading TBAErwin Earley Python & Db2 Say Their "I Dos" TBAJoshua Hall Shell Programming TBAErwin Earley Speedy PHP on IBM i TBAAlan Seiden Stupid Python Tricks TBAStephanie Rabbanni The World of Node.js On IBM i TBAScott Klement Tools for Getting Started with Open Source TBAJesse Gorzinski Using Machine Learning and Data Science Libraries TBAMark Irish Your First PHP Program TBAGreg Cannella COMMON Certification Program — What You Need to Know TBARandy Dufault Everything They Never Taught You! TBASteven Wolk Fitting Continuous Learning into Your Busy Schedule TBARichie Palma Give Me an Hour, and I'll Give You a Week! TBASteven Wolk How to Remain Relevant in a Changing IT Environment TBAJim Buck Mindfulness at Work TBAAlan Seiden Project Management 101 TBAAmy Hoerle YiPs Roundtable TBARichie Palma • Steve Pitcher A Nerd's Guide to DATA-INTO in RPG TBAScott Klement Avoid the Green Screen of Death TBATed Holt Consuming Web Services - NEW TBAScott Klement Data Structures and Data Structure Arrays: Making Them Work for You TBABrian May Extend Your Reach to Remote Data with Open Access: RPG Edition TBAVern Hamberg Extending RPG with Db2 for i Functions TBALiam Allan Fast Modern Excel (XLSX) Workbook Creation Using RPG TBAVern Hamberg Finally – RPG Freed from the Fetters of Fixed Format TBABirgitta Hauser Fun with CCSIDs: Working with Unicode and Other Types of Data in RPG TBABarbara Morris Fun!(damental) and Fun!(ctional) Table-Driven Programming TBATed Holt Intro to RPG Utility Programs TBAMarina Schwenk Intro to Unit Testing RPG Using iUnit TBAMarina Schwenk OPEN LAB: Fast Modern Excel (XLSX) Workbook Creation Using RPG TBAVern Hamberg OPEN LAB: REST Web Services – The Lab TBATarlochan Bimbra • Timothy Rowe Providing Web Services on IBM i TBAScott Klement Say Yes to Change TBATed Holt SQLRPGLE the Better File Access TBAMarina Schwenk Strategy and Best Practice for Modern RPG TBABarbara Morris Using Watson from RPG TBAScott Klement Variable Scoping in RPG TBABrian May What's New for RPG TBABarbara Morris What's The Fuss? - Using Procedures and Service Programs TBAJim Buck Working with JSON in RPG with YAJL TBAScott Klement An Introduction to the Criticality of Cybersecurity TBARobin Tatam Anatomy of a Security Failure TBASteve Pitcher Are You Secure? Are You Monitoring the IBM i Audit Journal? TBARaymond Johnson Auditing and the IBM i TBASuzanne Harkins Authority Collection Utility in 7.3 – Locking Down Security for Your Sensitive Data Files and Objects TBAThom Haze Controlling Access to IBM i Systems and Data TBAGuy Marmorat • Jeff Uehling Data Breaches: Is IBM i Really at Risk? TBARobin Tatam Does Your IBM i Security Meet the Bar for GDPR? TBAGuy Marmorat • Jeff Uehling IBM i and Our False Sense of Security TBASteve Pitcher IBM i Encryption Made Easy TBAPatrick Townsend • Jeff Uehling IBM i Security Administrator Checklist TBACarol Woodbury IBM i Security Best Practices (DOUBLE SESSION) TBAJeff Uehling IBM i Security For Programmers (DOUBLE SESSION) TBARobin Tatam IBM i Security from the Ground Up (DOUBLE SESSION) TBACarol Woodbury IBM i Security: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Ugly TBARobin Tatam IFS Security: Don't Leave Your Server Vulnerable TBARobin Tatam Introduction to Securing Applications with DCM TBAThom Haze Multi-Factor Authentication for IBM i TBAGuy Marmorat OPEN LAB: Authority Collection Lab TBAThom Haze Single Sign-On TBAThom Haze What’s New in 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 Security TBAJeff Uehling Discovering your IBM i Data – For Security Administrators Issues TBACecilia Howlin 10 Years of ‘i Can’ – Top Tips for IBM i TBADawn May Attend This Session or Your System Will Crash… TBAJeffrey Carey BASH on IBM i TBAJames Oberholtzer Best Practices for Performance Management on IBM i TBAAnil Madan BRMS Advanced Topic TBAJames Oberholtzer BRMS Graphical User Interface TBAJames Oberholtzer BRMS: The First Step to a Successful Recovery TBASarah Jacob Ch Ch-ch-changes – What ‘s Your Shame? – Not Knowing What Changed on Your System! TBADoug Mewmaw Clean Up Your IBM i Disk TBALarry Bolhuis Cool OSS Stuff You Can Do on IBM i TBAJoshua Hall Cool Things in Navigator to be a Rockstar System Administrator TBAPete Massiello Daily Care and Feeding of IBM i TBALarry Bolhuis Discovering your IBM i Data – For System Administrators Issues TBACecilia Howlin Four Essential Steps for Removing Risk and Downtime from POWER9 Migration TBABarry Kirksey HMC, IBM I, FSP, & Firmware: Putting All the Pieces Together TBAPete Massiello IASPs (what is it, how do you use it, how do you control it) TBARex Maughan IBM i OS and Power System Upgrade Testing TBAYvonne Enselman IBM i Performance Data Collectors TBADawn May IBM i Prestart Server Jobs TBADawn May IBM i Services for the System Administrator TBADawn May Implementing Storwize on IBM i TBAJames Oberholtzer Introduction to the IBM i Performance Data Investigator TBADawn May Make Your Upgrade Smooth TBAJeffrey Carey Manage PTF's and Monitor Your Systems with Administration Runtime Expert TBATimothy Rowe Manage Work Better with Better Work Management TBADawn May Managing IBM i PTFs TBALarry Bolhuis Managing Open Source on IBM i with Containers and Chroot TBAWayne Bowers • Jesse Gorzinski Managing Startup and Shutdown of Your IBM i (DOUBLE SESSION) TBALarry Amond • Larry Bolhuis Moving from HMC Classic GUI to the New Enhanced GUI TBAPete Massiello New Power-Based HMC Appliance and Virtual HMC on Power System TBAAllyn Walsh No More Excuses, Save the Entire System Using the IBM i Default Job Scheduler TBARaymond Johnson Open Lab: Explore IBM i Services TBADawn May • Steve Pitcher Optimizing IBM i Work Management TBASarah Jacob Overview of Accessing and Managing the IBM i TBATimothy Rowe PASE at a Good Pace TBAJoshua Hall PowerVC for IBM i in the DevOps Environment TBADana Boehler Predictive Performance Management TBADawn May Rapid Fire Admin TBASteve Pitcher RPM's for the System Administrator TBAMark Irish • Steve Pitcher RPMs, Yum, and Containers: The Future of Open Source Packages TBAJoshua Hall Step-by-step Guide to Creating Virtual i Partitions Hosted by IBM i TBAPete Massiello Subsystem Configuration for Server Jobs TBADawn May Tips and Tricks to Improve System Performance and Save Disk Space TBAPete Massiello What You Need to Know to Successfully Upgrade to 7.3, 7.2, and 7.1 TBAPete Massiello What's New with the IBM i Performance Tasks TBADawn May Why Wait? Discover the Power of IBM i Wait Accounting TBADawn May “Breaking Bad” IBM i Habits! TBARichard Dolewski Be Storage Wise with External Storage on Power TBAKevin Mort Building an IBM i Partition, from Scratch, Live and in Color! TBALarry Bolhuis Cloud Virtualization Planning and Best Practices TBALarry Bolhuis SAN Storage for Power Systems: Lessons from the Field TBAKevin Mort Virtualization on Power Systems TBAIan Robinson Debugging in the Browser: Introduction to Chrome DevTools TBARobert Swanson Get Started Using PHP Frameworks TBAStephanie Rabbanni Latest Trends in Web and Mobile Development TBADavid Brault OPEN LAB: Basic PHP to Access Your Data on IBM i TBAJohn Valance OPEN LAB: Building Object Oriented PHP Applications TBAJohn Valance OPEN LAB: Enhancing Web Applications with JavaScript TBAJohn Valance OPEN LAB: HTML and CSS for Business Web Applications TBAJohn Valance Web Design Tips for Green Screeners TBAGreg Patterson